Airpods Pro Latest Review

Airpods Pro Latest Review

I have never been able to use AirPods for two reasons,(electronic music) first, they are one-size fits most design just doesn’t work with my ears.And I know I am not alone,and too, they’ve got an open design that just lets in so much outside noise. I don’t know how people deal with that on trains or city streets. But now, with the $249 AirPods Pro,Apple has addressed both of those points and gone even further.

For the first time,they’ve got active noise cancellation. I guess that’s what makes them Pro.These sound like the AirPods I’ve been waiting for,and maybe you have too. There’s a lot that’s new here,so lets start with the case.Now it opens on the longer end,its a little bit bigger than before,but still fits in your pants pockets just fine.

Airpods Pro Supports

And it also still supports wireless charging,so you can plop the Pros down onto a charger at night with your iPhone when you’re ready for bed. More importantly, Apples changing the way the new AirPods actually go into your ears.

The old ones are hard plastic,and they just kinda go in and sit there. For a lot of folks,that’s fine, they stay in place.But I am someone who can’t get them to stay put no matter what I do.The new ones have silicone tips and an in the ear design,and they stay put so much better.

Now, some people don’t like how in-earbuds feel,because they create the sense of pressure,almost like you’re underwater or something.This happens because there is air getting trapped in your ear because of that silicone seal.

Airpods Pro Comes With

So for the AirPods, Apple came up with a really clever solution, there is a vent on the outside that equalizes the pressure on the outside and inside so that discomfort of hearing your own voice too loudly,that’s not a thing with these.

Apple also designed the Pro so that the hard plastic doesn’t really touch your ear very much,and that also prevents soreness.

Okay, so three sizes of silicone tips come in the box with the AirPods. Well, how do you know which one to pick?You can run this test in the settings menu to make sure the ones you have chosen produce a good seal for the best possible sound quality.

You’re gonna hear a few seconds of music,and in inside facing microphone analyzes the sound in your ear canal as you’re hearing it,and it compares that back to the original audio.If there is too much of a difference,the ear buds might be loose,and you’re told to try another size.

Apple says some people might end up with different sizes in each one of their ears,and that’s okay, as long as there is any seal at all the test comes back green,and you are good to go. So when I took the test,I got good results for both the medium and large sized ear tips.Choosing one really depends on comfort,and how tightly it stays in your ear.

Pulling off those ear tips actually takes a bit of effort,and they snap back on a little quiet click,so you know they’re on there good and tight. If you lose them, Apple sells replacements in their store for about four bucks.The old Air Pods used a series of taps on the side to skip tracks or bring up Siri,but now there is a new force sensor,its this little indent on both stems that you squeeze to do things.

Airpods Pro Battery

So apple says battery life on the AirPods Pro is good for 4.5 hours of continuous playback,with the noise canceling on. That’s pretty close to the standard AirPods five hours,and you get that here too if you turn off noise cancellation. But that battery is nowhere near the Power beats Pro,which can last nine hours on a single charge,albeit, they don’t do noise cancellation. Now, the saving grace with AirPods, just like always, is the case,which holds enough juice for 24 hours of total listening time.

Airpods Pro Conclsion

So should you get the AirPods Pro? If you’ve got an iPhone,you somehow don’t have AirPods yet,and you’re ready to upgrade,and you’re not turned off by their high cost, absolutely.They finally fit my ears,and hopefully they’ll fit yours too.The noise cancellation really works,and the sound quality is a big improvement compared to previous models. We have come to accept these white stems hanging out of our ears as normal.The AirPod Pros, the AirPods Pro,are the best reason to do that yet. They feel like a next generation product. They’re not perfect,but they’re inching very close.

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