10 Tips to master the Google Play Console

Introduction of Google Play Console

The Google Play Developer Console lets you publish your apps and games on Google Play to over 1 billion Android users around the world.The Developer Console is full of features that can help you grow your app or game business. We have chosen ten tips you can take advantage of right now.

Main Points To Master Google Play Console

Improve your app quality by getting feedback from trusted users before you launch to the world. How? Follow the instructions from the APK ta band invite users through an open or closed beta. They will be able to download the test app from the Play store,and you can start getting feedback on your new features.

Don’t let hiccups trip you up or slow you down.Staggering updates lets you release your app to progressively more people,so you can catch and fix any glitches before they have a chance to affect a wider audience. With store listing experiments,you can test up to three variants of your app icon,text, and graphics on your store listing to see which gets users downloading your app.

Adding your app to google analytics

Take a data driven approach to optimizing our store listing and try new things. Don’t just assume its good enough. Ratings and reviews will tell you what your users love and love less about your app,and replying to reviews creates dialogue,which builds loyalty. The Developer Console monitors your apps performance in Google Play and suggests optimization tips and provides a handy guide to utilize each suggestion.

App indexing lets users open your apps content directly from Google searches on their devices. Its a great way to reengage users who have installed your app and help them rediscover your apps features. Once you have added app indexing to your app,verifying your website in the Developer Console to start taking advantage of the additional app engagement.Gain actionable insights on how users are interacting with your app by linking your Google Analytics account to the Developer Console.

You will see additional reports on new and active users,plus new metrics like the Google Play Referral Flow to help you understand how users are discovering your apps. Sudden drops in your installs or ratings?Are there more crashes than usual? Email alerts will alert you so you can be totally on top of your apps performance and minimize a bad user experience. Gain deeper insight into the behavior of your app and its users by exporting your most important stats:installs, upgrades, reviews, ratings, crashes.

Analyzing this data in detail lets you spot trends and then focus on the improvements most important to your users.Make app publishing and management tasks easy, time efficient, and useful by automating them.Push out a daily update to your alpha testers.Update localized store listing text and imagines.Add or delete in-app products to keep your app super fresh.Head over to the Google Play Developer Console to start taking advantage of these features.

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